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Upgrade your Vespa's lighting with this authentic Vespa VBB VBA Headlight Assembly by Minda. Designed to fit perfectly and enhance your riding experience, this headlight assembly combines style and functionality.

**Key Features:**
- **Compatibility:** Fits Vespa VBB and VBA models.
- **Size:** 115mm diameter for a classic look.
- **Quality Construction:** Crafted by Minda, a trusted name in automotive parts, ensuring durability and longevity.
- **Easy Installation:** Direct replacement for your existing headlight assembly. No modifications required.
- **Enhanced Visibility:** Improve your night-time visibility and overall safety on the road.
- **Authentic Design:** Maintains the classic Vespa aesthetic while providing modern lighting performance.
- **OEM Specifications:** Meets or exceeds original equipment manufacturer standards.

**Package Includes:**
- 1 x Vespa VBB VBA Headlight Assembly (115mm) by Minda

**Installation Tips:**
1. Disconnect the battery before installation.
2. Remove the old headlight assembly by following your Vespa's service manual.
3. Install the new Minda headlight assembly in the reverse order of removal.
4. Reconnect the battery and test the headlight to ensure proper functionality.

**Note to Buyers:**
- This headlight assembly is a high-quality aftermarket replacement part.
- Professional installation is recommended for those unfamiliar with vehicle electrical systems.

Upgrade your Vespa with confidence - order your Vespa VBB VBA Headlight Assembly (115mm) by Minda today!

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