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MAK Lubricants 4T Zipp API SL 10W-30 Engine Oil for Bikes(1L)

MAK Lubricants 4T Zipp API SL 10W-30 Engine Oil for Bikes(1L)

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Description: Upgrade your bike's engine performance with MAK Lubricants 4T Zipp API SL 10W-30 Engine Oil. This advanced formula is designed to provide superior protection and enhance the overall efficiency of your motorcycle engine.

Key Features:

  1. API SL Certification: This engine oil meets the stringent standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API), ensuring top-notch quality and performance for your bike's engine.

  2. Optimal Viscosity (10W-30): Specially formulated with a balanced viscosity, this oil provides excellent lubrication and protection across a wide range of temperatures, ensuring smooth operation in various riding conditions.

  3. Enhanced Engine Cleanliness: The detergent and dispersant additives in this oil help keep your engine clean by preventing the formation of sludge and deposits, promoting a longer engine life.

  4. Reduced Friction: The advanced formula reduces friction between moving parts, leading to improved fuel efficiency and power output. Experience a smoother and more responsive ride.

  5. High-Performance Formula: Ideal for both daily commuting and high-performance biking, this engine oil is formulated to meet the demands of modern motorcycle engines, delivering optimal performance in all riding scenarios.

  6. 1-Liter Capacity: Each purchase includes a convenient 1-liter bottle, ensuring you have the right amount of oil for your bike's regular maintenance needs.