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Ensons Petrol tank For Glamour Type 2 ( Black / Blue )

Ensons Petrol tank For Glamour Type 2 ( Black / Blue )

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Item Specifics:

Fill out all relevant item specifics to help buyers find your listing. Include details such as:

  • Brand: Ensons
  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Compatibility: Glamour Type 2


Write a detailed and engaging description to provide potential buyers with all the necessary information:

  1. Introduction:

    • Begin with a brief introduction, welcoming potential buyers.
    • Mention the brand, model, and color of the petrol tank.
  2. Key Features:

    • Highlight the key features of the petrol tank.
    • Mention if it's a genuine OEM replacement part.
  3. Compatibility:

    • Clearly state that the tank is compatible with Glamour Type 2 motorcycles.
    • Include any additional compatibility information if applicable.
  4. Condition:

    • Clearly state the condition of the petrol tank (e.g., new, unused, etc.).
    • If there are any defects or imperfections, be honest and transparent about them.
  5. Installation Instructions:

    • Provide basic installation instructions or direct buyers to the manufacturer's guidelines if available.
  6. Quality and Materials:

    • Describe the quality of the petrol tank and the materials used in its construction.
  7. Shipping Information:

    • Clearly outline the shipping details, including the shipping method, estimated delivery time, and any associated costs.
    • Specify whether you ship internationally.
  8. Return Policy:

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