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Engine Oil Additive (900 ml)

Engine Oil Additive (900 ml)

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Description: Upgrade your vehicle's engine with our high-quality 900ml Engine Oil Additive! Specially formulated to enhance performance and protect your engine, this additive is a must-have for any automotive enthusiast.

Key Features:

  1. Improved Engine Efficiency: Our advanced formula is designed to reduce friction, minimizing wear and tear on critical engine components. This leads to improved fuel efficiency and overall engine performance.

  2. Boosted Horsepower: Experience a noticeable increase in horsepower as our additive optimizes engine combustion, providing a power boost that you can feel on the road.

  3. Extended Engine Life: Protect your investment with our engine oil additive. The added layer of protection helps extend the life of your engine by reducing heat and friction, ensuring it runs smoother and lasts longer.

  4. Fuel System Cleaner: Say goodbye to deposits and contaminants that can build up in your engine. Our additive includes a powerful fuel system cleaner, promoting a cleaner, more efficient fuel burn.

  5. Easy to Use: Simply add the recommended amount to your engine oil during your regular oil change. The 900ml size ensures you have enough to treat your vehicle and keep it running at its best.

  6. Universal Compatibility: Suitable for use in both gasoline and diesel engines, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of vehicles.