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Castrol POWER1 CRUISE 20W-50 4T Synthetic Engine Oil for Bikes 1.2L

Castrol POWER1 CRUISE 20W-50 4T Synthetic Engine Oil for Bikes 1.2L

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Upgrade your bike's engine performance with Castrol POWER1 CRUISE 20W-50 4T Synthetic Engine Oil. This 1.2L bottle is packed with advanced synthetic technology, providing optimal protection and performance for your motorcycle.

Key Features:

  1. Synthetic Formula: Crafted with cutting-edge synthetic base oils, this engine oil offers superior protection against heat and friction, ensuring your bike's engine operates at its best.

  2. Enhanced Viscosity: The 20W-50 viscosity grade strikes the perfect balance between cold start protection and high-temperature stability, delivering smooth and reliable performance in various riding conditions.

  3. Engine Cleanliness: Castrol POWER1 CRUISE is designed to keep your engine internals clean, preventing deposits and sludge buildup for a longer, healthier engine life.

  4. Reduced Friction: Experience reduced friction and wear on critical engine components, promoting better fuel efficiency and extending the life of your bike's engine.

  5. All-Weather Performance: Whether you're cruising on the highway or navigating city streets, this engine oil ensures consistent performance across a wide range of temperatures.

  6. Trusted Brand: Castrol is a globally recognized name in lubricant technology, trusted by motorcycle enthusiasts and professionals alike. POWER1 CRUISE is formulated to meet the high standards set by Castrol for reliability and performance.

  7. Easy Pour Design: The convenient 1.2L bottle is designed for easy pouring, making oil changes a breeze. Keep your bike running smoothly with Castrol POWER1 CRUISE.