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  • Package contain: 2 x monogram stickers
  • High quality adhesive don't harm your petrol tank paint.
  • Material: steel plated.
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  1. Condition:

    • Clearly state the condition of the petrol tank. For example: "Brand New," "Used - Excellent Condition," "Used - Good Condition," or any relevant description.
  2. Compatibility:

    • Specify the model and year of the Bajaj Discover 100cc for which the petrol tank is suitable. This helps potential buyers ensure compatibility with their motorcycles.
  3. Genuine OEM Replacement:

    • Emphasize that the petrol tank is a genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement part. Buyers often prefer genuine parts for better fit and performance.
  4. Material and Construction:

    • Describe the material and construction of the petrol tank. For example, "Made of high-quality [material]," or "Durable construction for long-lasting performance."
  5. Color:

    • Specify the color of the petrol tank. If it comes in multiple colors, provide options and details.
  6. Features:

    • Highlight any unique features such as a locking mechanism, fuel gauge, or other notable attributes.
  7. Fitment Information:

    • Provide specific details about how the petrol tank fits onto the motorcycle. Mention any additional parts or accessories needed for installation.
  8. Condition of Paint/Finish:

    • Mention the condition of the paint or finish. For example, "Scratch-free," "Minor scuffs," or any imperfections.
  9. Packaging:

    • Clearly explain how the petrol tank will be packaged for shipping to ensure it arrives in good condition.
  10. Shipping Information:

    • Specify the shipping method, estimated delivery time, and any applicable shipping costs. Mention if international shipping is available.
  11. Returns Policy:

    • Clearly outline your return policy, including whether returns are accepted, any restocking fees, and the timeframe for returns.
  12. Contact Information:

    • Provide your contact information or encourage buyers to reach out with any questions or concerns.
  13. Quality Assurance:

    • Reassure potential buyers of the quality and authenticity of the product. Mention any warranty or guarantees if applicable.