Organized Service Center by Ragilly

Organized Service Center by Ragilly

Ragilly Providing an Organized Service Center, Helping to Shape Indian Automobile Sector

Ragilly, the automobile service center, has thrived its breakdown assistance services and has given a separate entity in a christened way. It offers doorstep bike servicing as well as mobile van service across Kolkata. We provide 24/7 services to our customers operating in the business to consumer segments.

We provide services aiming mainly at three factors:

  • To secure you, the motorist, and guarantee your excursions are without bother.
  • To give timely assistance during your crisis, at whatever point you get abandoned out because of breakdowns or mishaps, or any unfortunate occurrences.
  • To make your bike roadworthy with quicker on-site repairs.


Every biker goes through the problem of a roadside breakdown. Due to the unorganized services provided by the automobile sector in Kolkata, bikers go frantic and find themselves helpless at the moment. They couldn’t reach a proper service center for their bike maintenance. Reliable roadside assistance can help, yet the vehicle service or fixing section is still exceptionally chaotic in our country.

Tapping the opportunity, Ragilly has come up with its best roadside assistance services by arriving at the spot within 90 minutes of your call.

  • Tire Puncture Repair– If your bike is suffering from a flat tire in the middle of your journey, no need to worry! Our professional experts will reach your distinction within some time and help you eliminate your problem.
  • Bike Breakdown Services- If you are at a place with no service center or garage, you might not be able to reach anyone for help, then this is the time when you need your real-time emergency. Ragilly will help you at this moment. It’s the roadside assistance that will come to rescue you anytime, anywhere.
  • Bike Cleaning– Ragilly gives doorstep bike cleaning services whenever required and at your convenient time at a meager budget.


These flaws or complete breakdowns can happen anyplace, anytime, and there is no hope to forestall these circumstances. But calling out for the right help at the right moment can not only bring you out of that nasty situation but also can save your precious time.


To summarize, keeping a partner like emergency roadside assistance with you out traveling is a wise decision.

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