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  • Petrol tank Bajaj Pulsar 150/180/200 DTSI UG-4
  • Colour available as per choice
  • Size is large
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Description: Up for sale is a genuine Bajaj Pulsar 180 fuel tank in excellent condition. This OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) fuel tank is a perfect replacement or upgrade for your Pulsar 180 motorcycle. Whether you're looking to replace a damaged tank or enhance the aesthetics of your bike, this fuel tank is a great choice.

Key Features:

  1. Genuine OEM Part: This fuel tank is an authentic Bajaj Pulsar 180 OEM part, ensuring quality and compatibility with your motorcycle.

  2. Excellent Condition: The fuel tank is in superb condition, free from dents, scratches, or any major damage. It has been well-maintained and ready for use.

  3. Color Options: [Specify the color of the fuel tank, e.g., Black, Blue, Red] - Choose the color that complements your bike's overall look.

  4. Easy Installation: The tank is designed for easy installation, fitting seamlessly onto your Pulsar 180 without any modifications.

  5. Fuel Capacity: [Specify the fuel capacity, e.g., 15 liters] - Ensure you provide information on the tank's fuel capacity to help buyers make an informed decision.

  6. Compatibility: This fuel tank is compatible with [mention specific Pulsar 180 model years]. Please verify compatibility with your bike before purchasing.

  7. Shipping Details: We offer fast and secure shipping to [mention your shipping destinations]. The fuel tank will be carefully packaged to prevent any damage during transit.