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Lambretta Series 1 & 2 GP/LI & TV Stand Bump Rubber set

Lambretta Series 1 & 2 GP/LI & TV Stand Bump Rubber set

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Description: Enhance the stability and protect the integrity of your beloved Lambretta Series 1 & 2 GP/LI & TV scooter stands with this comprehensive Bump Rubber Set. Crafted to exacting standards, these genuine replacement parts offer a seamless fit and uncompromising performance.


  1. Compatibility: Designed specifically for Lambretta Series 1 & 2 GP/LI & TV models, ensuring precise fitment.
  2. Superior Quality: Made from durable materials to withstand daily wear and tear, providing long-lasting reliability.
  3. Enhanced Stability: Helps to absorb shocks and vibrations, contributing to smoother rides and protecting your scooter's stand mechanism.
  4. Easy Installation: Straightforward replacement process, allowing you to maintain your scooter with minimal hassle.
  5. Authenticity Guaranteed: Genuine replacement parts ensure authenticity and compatibility with your Lambretta scooter.